It's Fall, Y'all!!

It's Fall, Y'all!!

I don't know about all of you, but I feel like the end of summer/beginning of fall is absolute bananas. I blinked and now there are snow predictions being tossed around like horrifying rumors! 

We've been super busy around here, but maybe not like you'd expect. Sarah and I have been spending almost every day hashing out what the next three months are going to look like at Happily Ever Co. That doesn't just include sales or promotions. We are talking schedules for everything! We schedule out when we will place orders, which leads to when they will be delivered, when we will process the items, when we will take pictures in them, and finally, when we will launch them!

As we look down the line to our busiest season of the year, we really want to make sure we have all our plans in place so we can kick butt helping all our wonderful customers with their holiday shopping. But man, there sure is a lot to consider! 

We also have our shopping trips planned, one for next week and the other for January, which affects store hours, and the schedules of our staff. So we take all that into consideration. We (Sarah) schedule social media posts, emails, and app notifications too! 

Thinking about how unorganized Sarah and I are in other aspects of our lives... It really is a miracle that Happily Ever Co runs so smoothly!! 

We are headed to Dallas next week. What would you like to see for winter? We will be ordering for Spring, too! Which is absolutely crazy to think about. But welcome to retail!! 

Happy Fall, y'all!