Prepping for Market.... and SUMMIT!!

Prepping for Market.... and SUMMIT!!

This trip isn't exactly like the others. There's a little more to plan for, that neither Sarah or Rachel have experienced. So things are a little more hectic in our brains than usual! 

In case you haven't heard, Sarah was asked to speak at The Boutique Hub Summit, which is basically a convention type thing for boutique owners. Sarah will be sharing her TikTok knowledge with attendees. This opportunity speaks volumes on how influential Sarah is in this industry, and how much experience and insight she has to share with others. To be asked to speak is a pretty big honor, which of course makes us all a little nervous on Sarah's behalf! We've been discussing and planning Sarah's stage outfit for months now, and this week we finally settled on a very "Sarah" dress. :) 

The other Summit event we've been prepping for is the Summit Soiree. Those attending Summit are invited to go the the Soiree on Monday evening. We really had no idea what to expect! Then they started posting pictures from previous events, and we realized we needed FORMAL WEAR. Can we just talk about how hard it is to find plus size formal dresses for women in their 30s? This mom bod does NOT need to be into today's prom dresses! But we lucked out and found pretty dresses and fun accessories. We are looking forward to dressing up and seeing what this Summit Soiree is all about! 

After Summit, "regular" Market starts, so we have to prepare for that too! Usually we pack whatever we will be comfortable in for hours and hours of walking and thinking. That's the easy part! 

What really makes Market worthwhile is the plan we have in place when we get there. We have to think about not just what's pretty. We take so many things into consideration. 

Will this look good on EVERY body?

Does this fit into our price range? 

When does it ship?

Does this fabric stretch? 

Have we had this print before? 

Would we wear this?

Does this style sell well?

Is it too similar to anything we already have in the store or on order?

The list of parameters goes on and on it seems. And those are the things we think about in the moment! 

Before we leave, we come up with a game plan. We put together a budget, and schedule out which brands have priority. We loosely map out in our heads where we are going to go first, mostly based off who we know will have new pieces for the upcoming Market. Throughout Market, we keep track of what we have on order so we don't get things that are too similar. 

Another part of prep is networking! We have been busy with emails, phone calls and text messages with brands and their reps, scheduling appointments and making plans for content creating! 

We are very excited about all this trip has to offer. Dallas is the Market where we thrive! 

Stay tuned for an update FROM Market! We can't wait to share Sarah in the spotlight!!!