"S" is for SUMMER not STRESS!

"S" is for SUMMER not STRESS!

This is it, everyone! Summer vacation is here! 

Do you ever feel some pressure to cram EVERYTHING into summer months? Like time is going to fly, so we have to do ALL the things, go ALL the places, every festival, every zoo, every water park, finish every outside project... I think it's partly due to living in the Midwest, where the weather is so iffy sometimes. But I know we aren't alone in wanting to fill summertime with all kinds of parties and activities and projects. 

While there is nothing wrong with having a to-do list, don't burn yourself out! It's 100% OK to spend an afternoon sipping iced tea and reading a book in a hammock. Take time for yourself this summer, doing something you love. The expression "stop and smell the roses" really comes into play here... Enjoy the minutes given to you this summer. The laughter, the smells, the sunshine on your cheeks. Who cares if you have that extra Popsicle with your kiddos? Who cares if you cut the grass on Tuesday instead of Monday? Who cares if you take a mental health break, and spend some time puttering in your flowerbeds instead of cleaning out that old shed? That shed will be there tomorrow. Or heck, even next summer. 

Of course there are elements of being an adult (shudder) that we can't skip, every single one of us can use a break from overthinking and overdoing. Give yourself grace and understanding, and let your brain rest for a minute or two. Sit on that swing you've always loved but never take the time to enjoy. Take an afternoon and float or wade in some water (don't be surprised if you see me in my tiny backyard pond this summer.) 

Everyone knows that in the retail world, the busy season is during the holidays, but we really do pick up in the spring and summer! We love having so many ladies come to us for their summer event outfits. It makes our days when we see pictures on social media of our customers looking beautiful with gorgeous smiles on those important days in their lives. So please do not hesitate to send us those pictures! 

There are happy moments to find in the hustle of every day. Make sure you take the time to enjoy them!