Meet the Staff!

Meet the beautiful ladies that package orders, reply to emails, model, stamp the bags and wear all of the hats behind the scenes!

Name:  Sarah 
Job Title:  Founder & CEO
Size in Tops:  It all depends on the brand. Usually an XL but I can go L or 1X too. 
Size in Denim:  13 or 15 depending on the cut 
What is your style?  A little bit of everything! I can go from rock n roll to boho chic. I wear what makes me happy and I feel my best in. 
Your Go To Outfit:  A flowy, boho kimono with a delicate cami paired with distressed denim and fun shoes!
What is your favorite part of working at Happily Ever Co? LITERALLY EVERYTHING! This is my dream come true! From making relationships with brands and handpicking pieces to seeing ladies walk out of the dressing room, smiling ear to ear, I LOVE IT ALL! I am so extremely blessed to be living my dream at Happily Ever Co. 
Favorite Movie:  Roman Holiday 
Favorite Band:  IRON MAIDEN!
Early bird or night owl?  30% early bird & 70% night owl
Cat or dog person?  WOOF woof 
Sweet or Salty? Sweet tooth here! 
3 Things you enjoy outside of Happily Ever Co: Spending time with my husband, friends and family, watching old men play live music and traveling the world when it isn't shutdown!
Name:  Rachel 
Job Title:  Store Manager 
Size in Tops:  3X
Size in Denim:  20 or 22 depending on the cut 
What is your style? Casual Mom Vibes! 
Your Go To Outfit:  Heavy sweaters, graphic tees cute shoes 😍 & a messy bun!
What is your favorite part of working at Happily Ever Co? Helping every woman find an outfit she feels confident and awesome in & laughing everyday! 
Favorite Movie:  Jurassic Park!!
Favorite Band:  Anything I can dance to!
Early bird or night owl?  Early bird
Cat or dog person?  Sharks and Octopus 😊 
Sweet or Salty? Salty- Gimme all the potatoes!  
3 Things you enjoy outside of Happily Ever Co: momming all day, every day!, reading and collecting plants for my husband to take care of!😊
Name: Natalie
Job Title:  Sales Associate & bag/box stamper extraordinaire!
Size in Tops:  M
Size in Denim:  3 or 5 
What is your style? Comfy but cute! I love 90s fashion, would like to dress more like Rachel Green from Friends or Cher from Clueless.
Your Go To Outfit:  Graphic tees, especially band tees + distressed and high waisted jeans and a cardigan or flannel over top!
What is your favorite part of working at Happily Ever Co? Working with some amazing ladies, helping other amazing ladies feel amazing and learning about business and marketing. 
Favorite Movie:  Hot Rod
Favorite Band:  Queen
Early bird or night owl?  Night Owl
Cat or dog person?  DOGS!!!
Sweet or Salty? tough one.... usually sweet
3 Things you enjoy outside of Happily Ever Co: hang out with my family, playing with my doggies and reading or binging TV shows!