Birthdays, friend or foe?

Birthdays, friend or foe?

It seems likely that all women (probably some men, too) struggle with one birthday or another... Whether that means you don't want to be getting older or you had certain expectations for your life by "this point", birthdays are not always the celebration they are meant to be. 

While this 100% applies to me, it still makes me sad! Age, after all is just a number. 

Time is funny this way. You can't stop time, you can't prevent change, and you sure as heck can't control everything! I'm curious, what is it about birthdays that you love? What do you hate? Have you ever felt like you were supposed to be somewhere else by a certain milestone? 

Just remind yourself that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this exact time. You are on your path, and your path only!

Age really IS only a number, and you are allowed to live, dress, play, work, FEEL however you want! So next time you come into the store and tell me you're too old for holes in your jeans, I'm going to tell you that's absolutely false!