About Happily Ever Co.


Thank you so much for stopping by Happily Ever Co.!!

Style has always been a passion for me. Ever since I can remember, I have loved shopping and how an outfit can make me feel. Growing up, my mom would take me shopping for my birthday every year. I always looked forward to checking out new store and finding pieces that were unique and fit my style. There is just something special about how new clothes can make you feel.

Opening a boutique was always a dream and it became a reality in October of 2018. I knew that when I started this journey that being a safe place for women of all sizes to shop was a must. Being a woman who has always ranged from a large to a 1X, I understand the disappointment of not finding what I want in my size and the anxiety of feeling like I don't belong in a store. Having half of the small to large and the other half XL to 3X is something that I feel so passionate about. No matter your size, you should be able to find affordable and trendy pieces that make you feel amazing! 

In January of 2019, Happily Ever Co. opened a brick and mortar in Greenville, Ohio. Our store was small and grew quickly. So fast that we outgrew our first location and moved to downtown Greenville to our current location. We love being apart of the downtown Greenville community and the connections we have made. 

I want to thank you for helping to make Happily Ever Co. what it is today! A safe, stylish place for all ladies and a community of supportive women. 

Love, Sarah