January Refresh

We are all probably experiencing some form of the winter blues. It’s cold, dark and boring. Blech. Both Sarah and I dislike winter. We get in our thoughts and feelings and find ourselves in funks more often than not. This year is no different. We struggled to push through January. We were so busy, but it was hard to keep pushing! Even with another work trip in a few weeks, we find ourselves in need of another refresh. Instead of completely emptying and redo-ing the store again (please no!) we’ve started spring cleaning a few months early! It feels so good to organize and clean and feel that sense of accomplishment. 

If you’ve been in the store lately, you hopefully noticed that the entire layout is different. We really wanted to open everything up, brighten up displays, and bring SPRING to the boutique as best as we could when there is snow outside. We had a lot of fun moving things around and finding new uses for all the greenery and florals we have. It feels like a cottage garden inside and it makes my days brighter. However, with a big re-set comes the chaos!

Through the past 3 years (!!) we’ve come to collect a lot of different pieces we use for displays, storage, organization, cleaning, etc. When we do a big re-set or a major move, we’ve found that some things get jumbled in the process and we lose track of items. I really enjoy this time to spread everything out, sort like items, pitch what may be broken or not useful, clean and re-organize our spaces. I personally feel like this is one of those rare times that I can empty my brain and think of little else but what I am working on. Usually I have 9 million different thoughts floating around, but cleaning like this allows me to give my mind a rest! 

I’ve had quite a few ladies come to the store lately and tell me they are cleaning out their closets (usually followed by the joke that they have no business buying more!). We totally get it. Get rid of what doesn’t make you happy anymore. If you find yourself with clothes you no longer need, consider donating to the Comfort Closet at Greenville High School. 

We aren’t just cleaning right now though! We have some things in the works that I am BESIDE myself with excitement about. I won’t share them yet (hello, teaser!) but I encourage you to stick around to find out. We have been exploring new ways to grow the business and I think we have some really cool projects in the works. As we know, Sarah thinks big, so it’s a blast for me to be along for the ride and help her see her dreams form into reality!