Get Us To Summit - Part 2

Get Us To Summit - Part 2

We KNEW we would love Summit. A room full of like minded bad-ass boss women with plans to conquer the world, how could it not be awesome? 

On Sunday (day 1)  we had the opportunity to hear MULTIPLE incredible women share their stories. When I say wow... I mean WOW. Sometimes at events like this, you feel a little removed from the speakers. Like, they just have something special. But all these ladies really REALLY hit home to us that WE are the same! We all have that spark. We all have the ability to achieve greatness. One lady said "I just stuck it out longer than most. I'm nothing special." That really hit the nail on the head. If you find yourself struggling to meet that next goal, DON'T STOP. 

Sarah said it was just a day of goosebumps, and I think that describes it perfectly. 

We woke up to the Texas sun, got dressed (tried on 47 different outfits), had breakfast and then off we went! We got all registered (VIP thanks to Sarah and her TikTok Talk tomorrow!) and started checking out the trade show. We found our way to our seats, and kicked off the day with a powerful message from the founder of Boutique Hub. All day we had the opportunity to hear from incredible women who have real life stories to share. 

Monday (day 2) was another day that kicked off with an encouraging presentation on the growth of online selling (we are excited to be getting back to Live sales soon!) 

We had two breakout sessions, one of which was Sarah's TikTok talk! Sarah shared with a STANDING ROOM ONLY crowd the ins and outs and best practices she's learned over the past few years to make TikTok work for the business. She, along with another boutique owner, shared their experiences and lessons they've learned (don't listen to the trolls, people!) and answered questions from members of the audience. 

It was really special to watch ladies come up to Sarah to share their own experiences and thank Sarah for inspiring them to push to the next level. Being proud doesn't even begin to cover how we feel! 

Watching the video of Sarah giving her presentation, you'd have no idea that literally an HOUR before she was to start, her dress split up the back seam. HUGE shout-out to Andree by Unit for having a dress Sarah was able to buy on the fly that ended up being perfect for her! 

To close out the Summit speakers, we had the honor of hearing from The Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell. Mr. Luttrell made every single one of us feel like we had REASON. He told us that we were all made for great things, and women are the most powerful and strong people in the world, which of course, coming from him, was a hell of a compliment. He told us that he wakes up every day and asks himself "how can I serve today?". We both felt that calling to come home and serve our customers every day the feeling of happiness and gratefulness we are to do what we do. 

After the wildness of Summit during the day, we went back to our hotel where we got all glammed up and headed back out for the Soiree. Such a fun time to meet new friends and experience Dueling Pianos and relax after 48 FULL hours of learning and growing! Rachel was definitely in her element meeting people left and right. Every time Sarah turned around, our group grew! It was really amazing how many courageous women we met who were attending the summit alone. The amount of strong, inspirational women we met was wonderful! 

If you are a boutique owner and you have the opportunity to experience a Boutique Summit, DO IT. We left feeling capable of following every dream, meeting every goal, and finding every success. 

We are very grateful to have the chance to stand alongside all those other remarkable women and take home such incredible knowledge and experience we can use in every part of our lives.