Is that really you, Spring??

Is that really you, Spring??

Oh my goodness... Spring is really here you guys!! And we are LOVING it!! 

We've got the planter boxes out front planted (dirt therapy = happiness), we have a store bursting with spring patterns and colors to brighten any rainy day, and we are putting in bird feeders at the warehouse so we can watch all the birds live their best lives! 

May is always a hectic time for everyone it seems. Do you have 97 things to do this week? Dance, graduation, prom, birthdays, anniversaries, softball, baseball, track, yard-work, projects, plans, hopes and dreams...  With all that spring brings us, remember to take care of yourself, and take time for YOU! You are what makes Spring so happy and bright!

I always get a bit panicky that I won't be able to get everything done during the nice time of year that I have planned. But I am reminding myself that any progress is still progress! And that project will still be there for you when you have time. Life is for LIVING, and that is what Spring is telling us this year! Enjoy the life outside, the life inside you, and smile bright friends! 

Happy Spring!!