New Year New You?

New Year New You?

New Years Resolutions are something we've all tried. We always claim we are going to start the next year off with a new life plan. New habits, new goals, new ideas, new body, new hair, new job, new house... it never really ends. 

Have you ever considered that you have everything you need to truly be happy? Think about who you are and what the people closest to you would say about you. You brighten so many lives the way you are TODAY. And you haven't implemented any of that newness yet. So what really needs to change? 

Maybe, going forward, what we should be focusing on changing is how we see ourselves. Often in our store, we tell ladies they are their own worse critic. What you see in the mirror is completely different from what we see. We see your smile. We see your posture change. We see the radiant beauty that is in every single one of us. And we try to show you what we see. 

Our wish for 2022 is that everyone in our Happily Ever Community finds inside them what makes them shine. You have every ability to follow that dream. You have the skills to tackle a new idea. Find what makes you YOU, and push it out into the world to share with all of us. Just remember that none of this is "new". This is what you already have in you. It just needs to be brought to the surface of your soul. Find your inner joy, your inner peace, your inner happiness and from there... the rest just falls into place. 

Happy New Year