Get us to Summit! Part 1

Get us to Summit! Part 1

Quick blog update from the Dayton Airport! 

Can we just talk about how stressful traveling can be?? This is our third trip in three months. You’d think I’d be better prepared by now… 

Our flight is in about an hour. We’ve been discussing buying plans and our plan of action for Market! We have a plan for cash and carry (what we can buy AT Market and bring home). But we realized that our fancy dresses and all that goes with them take up more space than we anticipated! We’ll just have to get another suitcase if we need to! :)

We’ve been sharing to our social media accounts to make sure everyone knows what’s going on and the current store hours, but it's also important to us to know what our customers look for! So make sure to check out our socials and comment what you would like to see for the upcoming months! 

There is also a rumor that one of the brands might have a preview of FALL. I don’t think we are mentally capable of thinking about fall styles yet… 

We have tonight to get settled into our hotel, get some dinner, unpack all our stuff and mentally prepare for tomorrow’s Boutique Summit kick off!! The fun starts at 7:30 AM, so wish us (and our Ubers) luck and timely arrivals! ;) 

We will share more after the first day of our FIRST Boutique Hub SUMMIT!! Can’t wait!